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2015 Miss West Arana Hills Quest

The Miss West Arana Hills Quest is all about the girls, the sisters, the girlfriends, the cousins and even the friends that want to help support our club. The girls are allocated some of our teams each and then they go about raising funds anyway they want to with the support of the club but also their 'Teams'.

When the girls show initial interest we have a meeting with them and their parents. Parents are kept informed throughout the whole process. The girls and parents receive weekly emails containing where their teams are playing along with any additional information that might help them do their best. The girls also receive additional support from their teams along with the organisers Belinda McKelvie and Kylie Denman.

Prior to the clubs quest dinner, the girls will be interviewed one on one by our panel of judges. On the actual night of the club quest dinner the girls will be asked one question each, which they will answere from the stage in front of the guests. Crowning of Miss West Arana Hills is announced on the night for all her family and friends to see. The girls will all receive gifts as a thank you for taking part and supporting our club along with the winners of each category receiving great prizes.

The titles that the girls will contest this year are:  Miss West Arana Hills, Miss Runner Up, Miss Fundraiser.  The lucky winner of the Miss West Arana will representative our great club at the Miss GBRJL.

Additional fundraising via raffles and auction items will be done this year at the quest dinner.

If you are interested in entering the Miss West Arana Hills 2015 please contact Belinda in the office on 3550 1020 or 0406 600 407 or email to us at arana.panthers@bigpond.com

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