Coaches 2015

Coaching Course Dates

International Games Coaching Course - Deception Bay - Monday 16th March
Modified Games Coaching Course - Deception Bay - Wednesday 18th March

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6 Red:          Grant Noyce

6 Black:        TBA

7 Red:           TBA

7 Black:        TBA

8 Red:           Tony Burren  / Dwayne Berwick (Assistant Coach)

8 Black:         TBA  

9 Red:           Craig Madders

9 Black:         Martin Turrell

9 White:         Darryl Adgo / Todd Skinner (Assistant Coach)

10 Red:          Michael Pecic

10 Black:       Murray Forsyth

10 White:       TBA

11A:               Ben Ryan

11B:               TBA

12A:               Adam Langridge

12B:               Glen Guy / Brock Beatson  (Assistant Coach)

13A:               Phil Stephan / Patrick Uzabeaga (Assistant Coach)

13B:                TBA

14A:               Scott Treichel / Brett Starthearn (Assistant Coach)

15A:               Darren Payne / Mark Gifford (Assistant Coach)

16A:                Farren Cruickshank

18 Nev Blair:  Peter Luckman

18B:                TBA

Under 20:       Neal Aldridge

Open Prems: Steve Pollard

Open 3:          Steve Pollard

Masters:         Damian Beetson

Booking Coaching Director for Training Sessions

"If you would like to book Simona in to come and work with your team on any of these dates, please email him with details of what you would like him to address"

Date                                           Time                          Coach Booked                        Session

Thursday 22nd May                    1pm to 8.30pm

Monday 26th May                        2pm to 8.30pm

Thursday 29th May                     1pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday 4th June                  1pm to 8.30pm

Thursday 5th June                      2pm to 8.30pm

Tuesday 10th June                     3pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday 11th June                2.30pm to 8.30pm

Thursday 12th June                    2pm to 8.30pm

Monday 16th June                      1pm to 8.30pm

Thursday 19th June                    1pm to 8.30pm

Tuesday 24th June                      2pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday 25th June                1pm to 8.30pm